I remember back in 2002 when my son was born, I was watching The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest and thinking to myself – it will happen. The $99 Personal – Holographic – Computer.  I remember thinking “It will happen and my son will be using one of those computers one day. ”

My son is 11 now, and has an array of devices available for his personal needs. And what I saw in the news recently made me think – yet again – we live in the future. The future is now.

In thin air: Could touch display projected on mist replace physical screens?   features Displair  – “the most amazing display in the world”. New technologies in science-fiction movies such as “Star Wars”, “Minority Report”, and “Iron Man” became a reality. Just watch:

Max Kamanin, Russian designer and creator of Displair, states that high-tech displays made from mist and air are “the next step in visual technology”.

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