When it comes to marketing content strategists and social media mavens, we want you to meet CAM, Inc. 

CAM knows social media and takes it a step further: this consulting firm goes beyond the social media hype. Just check out these articles:

If you are looking to develop integrated, cross-platform social media strategies that support your real world business objectives and revenue goals you need to have carefully crafted implementation plans and tactics that bring those strategies to life, engaging your audience and increasing your prospects.  That is CAM, Inc specialty.

Get tangible ROI from your social media investment.

CAM’s in-depth social media experience and expertise will:

  • Ensure that you spend your time and effort on the right platforms.
  • Ensure that your social media efforts work together across multiple platforms.
  • Prevent customer/prospect confusion with your messaging.
  • Test your messages and tweak your over-all marketing approach and tactics.
  • Protect your online reputation.
  • Go beyond the counting of “likes,” “connects,” and “follows.”

I recommend you visit http://www.colemanmgt.com for excellent advice on marketing content and social media strategies.

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