Privacy day is here! Here is you homework for today:

  • When signing up or using any sites that store any of your data – READ the privacy policy. Most places share your data with their “affiliates” and if you did not read fine print, it can have some undesirable consequence.
  • Check privacy and location data settings on your mobile apps; when upgrading, make sure new version has the same security and privacy settings as previous version of app. Change them to a tighter setting, if necessary.
  • Avoid or limit use of sites that use or keep your financial data, such as online banking or e-commerce sites when you’re on public or unsecured Wi-Fi.
  • Check your Social media privacy settings to confirm or change options for who can see your posts and shares.
  • Be smart about data you share, consider what would happen long after emailing photos and messages – think: would it do you damage if any of them were to be forwarded to a wider audience.
  • Remember to do regular data maintenance – it’s good day to check your various profiles for data accuracy and change your passwords – make sure to make your password secure!
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