While there is still no official confirmation from Apple camp, rumor has it new iPhone will be unveiled on September 12 event – which makes sense since the new iPhone is expected to hit stores on September 21, 2012. More fuel to the rumors is added by expectation of “iPad Mini” – most likely in October.

While late Steve Jobs favored full, large-size tablets, insisting that smaller tablet would not allow for the full experience, Apple is constantly pushed by the competition such as Amazon Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 into development of a smaller version of the iPad.  A 7-8″ version of the tablet is expected to come out soon, cutting approximately 25% of the size, also lighter on the budget. Considering that rumors often prove to be false, September may not be the time for the iPad Mini to be released, after all – but coming out of smaller iPad is imminent in the near future. I am not sure I am sold on the smaller iPad – for me personally, 10″ screen size works best for apps I use for personal and business purposes.

My iPhone 4.2.1

My iPhone 4.2.1

Earlier this year, on March 7 – Apple released iOS 5.1 and announced new devices: iPad 3, Apple TV 3G, and the iPad 2 – Wi-Fi R2 model. (iPhone development timeline)

I still own the iPhone 4.2.1, complete with scratches on the glass surface from 2 years of use. I am counting the weeks until I can get the new one – skipping 2 versions makes me feel left out – but most importantly, does not allow for use of most up-to-date apps designed and developed for later versions.

Apple is currently expected to sell 23 million iPhone units in Q4 of 2012, with 6-10 million iPhone 5 unit sales in September alone.


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