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IT Security Tips for Small Business


Because IT and cybersecurity is such an IMPORTANT issue, we are promoting a series of IT security articles with useful tips to show you and your employees how to significantly improve your protection from being a victim of cybercrime. Every business must make certain their employees are clear on how to appropriately use, handle and protect company data and devices.
Every time we focus on one simple, specific action you can take to avoid a potential data breach. If you would like to receive these weekly articles via email, please subscribe to our newsletter.

IT and Cybersecurity Tips Blog Archive

Alarming Pop-ups: how to handle a browser hijacking

When browsing various website on the Internet, you might come across pop-ups – a common occurrence, and frankly, a nuisance. Some pop-ups are the sales chat window, some are advertisements. But there are also other, malicious types: false ads and scareware...

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It’s 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Laptops Are?

This obviously isn’t an original expression. It originates from the question, “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?” This ominous question dates back to 1967 when it was presented on television just prior to the local news. At that time, new curfew laws...

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