What is the issue?

It has come to powersolution’s attention that a recently discovered bug in the new iOS 6.1 release can cause issues on Microsoft Exchange servers. The discovered issue has to do with the way the exchange client on iOS devices interact with an exchange server. The bug does not affect the deliverability of email or cause any issues with syncing rather the bug creates a tremendous amount of sync logs on exchanges servers and can overwhelm them and reduce performance.

What do we do about it for our clients?

In order to prevent this, powersolution.com has put in place preventative measures on our Hosted Exchange platform to keep service available and reliable.

Who is affected?

The change implemented only affects iOS 6.1 devices and for some users, meeting requests will arrive, but they will not be able to accept or decline them. These changes were put in place to protect our environment, while limiting disruption of your iOS experience. Once Apple releases a fix, please update your device and meeting request functionality will be restored.

What can you do now?

If you have not already updated to 6.1, we ask that you put this update off until Apple does release a patch. If the updated has already been installed on your iOS device, unfortunately, it cannot be rolled back to a previous version.

Once this issue has been addressed and resolved by Apple, powersolution.com will notify all our users to please upgrade their iOS devices.

As always if anyone has any questions or concerns in regards to this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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