In a joint press conference on January 8th with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Senator Charles Schumer, Google announced bringing a free wi-fi to NYC, hoping to keep millions of residents and tourists connected at all times when they’re outdoors. Google also will be providing indoor coverage for public housing units in the NYC.

Under-performing internet speeds, high costs of services and limited choices in traditional Internet service providers creates a great platform for Google’s broadband offerings in New York city. Free Wi-Fi services are being closely tracked by Both citizens, and politicians, the interest is high for enhancements and upgrades to city’s technical infrastructure. Google’s announcement is a hot topic for 2013, and its 5 to 10 Megabits per second connection speed is a sugar on top for many people who favor Wi-Fi.

That is good news to us, too — while most of our client base for managed services is located in New Jersey, some of our clients are doing business in New York city, and having a high-speed Wi-Fi option from Google during our visits to Manhattan is a plus both for our computer support technicians, and our clients!

More on this news directly from Bloomberg:


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