Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been vaguely hinting about developing Facebook’s own social search engine for some time now. During TechCrunch Disrupt conference back in in September of 2011, Zuckerberg admitted having a dedicated team at Facebook working on the project, so that Facebook can function as a search engine, competing with Google. Well, hinting time is over, here it is: Facebook Graph Search. Facebook users can now easily search across their friends network for people, photos, places and interests.

“Find more of what you’re looking for through your friends and connections” ~ facebook

Would this new feature transform the way we use Facebook? Absolutely. I have read about the potential for a social search in Evan Baylin’s “Outsmarting Google” 2 years ago – and it seems that Evan was right. Harvesting socially relevant data promises to be a very rewarding practice, connecting your friends likes and wants to yours.

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