Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions a big part of a strategy for managing business contacts and history of interactions with customers, clients and prospects.

Properly developed CRM solution organizes, automates, and aligns business processes in terms of contacting clients and potential clients. It is used in marketing, customer service, technical support, business analysis and more. CRMs are essential in finding and winning new clients, nurture the leads and retain an existing client base, sometimes even bring former clients back into the picture. It also assists in reduce the costs of marketing and client service processes.

There are plenty of well-known CRM solutions out there, mostly positioned in the cloud, such as SalesForce, ConnectWise among others, offering web-based tools and software as a service (SaaS). Cloud-computing based solutions are typically used through a secure Internet connection and are browser-based. Typically it involves a subscription-based commitment that may potentially lower the cost of utilizing the CRM, but such solutions are rarely flexible in terms of adapting to a specific business model.

For small to medum-size businesses, a custom CRM solution may provide a much better fit, that can streamline a specific business workflow – it may bring a higher initial cost, but will result in long-term returns that can help daily business activities, and save most valuable time for any business. It allows businesses to have flexible solutions, from a program to manage customer list, to a complex sales marketing tools with elements of accounting, record-based electronic documents generation and much more.

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