The latest market forecasts for cloud computing are predicting big growth in the industry, reaching reaching $270 billion by the year 2020, as much as 30%. More and more people adopt the latest technology to store information in a virtual space.

For a small or medium-sized businesses, outsourcing IT to the cloud alleviates the need for professional skills and allows business owners and administrators  to stay focused on the core business.  Businesses small and large use cloud computing for more then just storing data, but also to run applications and software remotely, without being tied to one desktop or even one specific computer network. Some solutions cost less than an in-house IT department, and some cost more. It is often compensated by increasing efficiency and productivity.

There are a lot of predictions as to direction of growth within specific verticals. Fore example, here is some data published by Gartner:

  • $84,074M – Banking & Securities
  • $70,683M – Communications, Media & Services
  • $63,589M – Manufacturing & Natural Resources
  • $34,611M – Insurance
  • $24,907M – Transportation

Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing  is now changing the way IT departments play different, multiple roles within organizations. that change to another level. Hosted Cloud Solutions offerings become more advanced as IT companies have more vendor options. Hosted Microsoft Exchange for cloud-based secure email services would be a good example of a popular hosted cloud application/solution.


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