According to CNN  several websites affiliated with the CIA, Mexico’s mining ministry and the state of Alabama were brought down last Friday. These incidents are allegedly done by hackers, government officials and a well-known hacking group reported.

A message Friday on a group Anonymous media pages, including Tumblr and Twitter celebrated that the CIA’s website had been taken down. The posting read: “CIA TANGO DOWN: #Anonymous.” A later one pointed to a news story indicating “#Anonymous hackers hit CIA, U.N., Mexico websites.” Jennifer Youngblood, CIA spokeswoman ,  said Friday night:  “We are aware of the problems accessing our website, and are working to resolve them.” Next day the website was back.

Additionally, the Alabama Department of Homeland Security said in a news release that information was “compromised” in a hacking of Alabama state websites.  The Mexican mining ministry’s website — which is distinct from the Chamber of Mines, or Caminex, a trade association — appeared to be down early Friday evening.

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